Supporting Your Law Enforcement Family’s Mental Wellness During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Video 1: Acknowledgement of the stressors you are faced with right now

Video 2: Discussion of the the stressors your first responder is faced with right now

Video 3: Discussion of the stressors your children are faced with right now

Video 4: Tips you can implement now to support you and your spouse’s mental wellness

Video 5: Something you can implement now (or improve on) to reduce your stress and build trust between you and your partner

Video 6: Things you can do today to support your kid’s mental wellness during this time

Video 7: A mindset that is going to help you and your first responder family remain resilient

About Dr. Rachelle Zemlok

Dr. Rachelle Zemlok is a licensed clinical psychologist in California specializing in working with first responder families and supporting parents with children diagnosed with ADHD or pose behavioral challenges. For more information on Dr. Zemlok or to connect with her please visit her website at