Peer Support


Public safety personnel frequently face high-stress situations, traumatic events and unique workplace challenges that can significantly impact their mental health and overall wellbeing. Peer support teams are vital in helping personnel prepare for and manage these challenges.

A well-trained and supervised peer support team can act as the first line of defense in the realm of mental health for public safety. This foundational trust is built on the understanding that colleagues, who have navigated similar challenges, bring an unparalleled level of empathy and insight to their roles as peer supporters. In order to deliver effective and appropriate assistance, your peer supporters need specialized training.

Put Your Agency at the Forefront of Wellness

Lexipol’s Cordico Peer Support Training and Certification membership leverages industry-leading best practices and adheres to national guidelines to ensure your peer teams are comprehensively equipped to offer proactive, reactive and post-incident support.

A well-trained support team can:

  • Improve mental health outcomes, including suicide prevention
  • Increase trust and openness among team members
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health in public safety
  • Help individuals get practical support
  • Foster a culture of wellness in your organization
  • Empower your team!

Our best-in-class program includes:

  • 24/7 access to online learning, enabling flexible, self-paced training for your team
  • 25 hours of core curriculum for certification, plus several hours of CEU advanced training through live webinars with SMEs
  • Training certificates and a digital peer support badge upon course completion, validating your team’s expertise
  • Detailed reports for easy tracking of training completion and renewal of certifications, supporting ongoing progress and compliance
  • A peer support toolkit, delivering essential resources and insights specifically for public safety personnel
  • POST approval in AR, AK, CA, CO, GA, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NV, NM, ND, OK, PA, SC, and TX, adhering to the highest standards for law enforcement training excellence
  • CAPCE approved, ensuring top-tier standards in emergency medical services education.

*POST Approval pending in additional states