Peer Support


Personnel in public safety and other mission-critical occupations face daily physical, mental and emotional challenges. Peer support teams are vital in helping personnel prepare for and manage these challenges.

A well-trained and supervised peer support team can act as the first line of defense because personnel are more likely to trust colleagues they know have experienced similar challenges. But delivering effective, appropriate assistance requires specialized training.

Put Your Agency at the Forefront of Wellness

Lexipol’s Cordico peer support training and certification helps peer support team members understand and apply evidence-based practices for providing counseling and assistance. Backed by clinicians and subject matter experts specializing in public safety, our program provides:

  • Best practices, guidelines and research on peer support team efficacy
  • Training on foundational and relevant topics, from critical incident response to relationship and family dynamics
  • Resources to help personnel build and enhance sustained performance, wellness and resiliency
  • Online courses and consultation

Our best-in-class program includes:

  • 25 core hours of continuing education credit; numerous specialized and advanced courses
  • Certified Peer Support Provider designation
  • Advanced training through members-only interactive live webinars
  • Consultation with subject matter experts
  • Online Peer Support Toolkit with resources for starting and supporting your team