Across the country, personnel in high-risk industries—from healthcare and criminal justice to local government—endure the effects of constant stress and exposure to critical incidents. Cultural stigmas in these industries often prevent personnel from requesting help, and trusted resources are difficult to find. Left unaddressed, stress can lead to self-destructive behaviors, physical ailments and poor decision-making.

Lexipol’s Cordico app addresses these challenges, providing personnel in high-stress occupations with on-demand access to confidential, relevant and effective wellness resources, including:

  • Resources for managing anxiety and building resilience
  • Guided mindfulness meditations
  • Tools for developing mental toughness
  • Sample workouts and nutrition guides to support peak performance

Put Your Agency at the Forefront of Wellness

With Cordico, organizations can:

  • Develop personnel resiliency
  • Better prepare employees for in-the-moment decision-making
  • Maximize the effectiveness of in-house wellness resources
  • Connect personnel to 24/7 assistance
  • Go beyond crisis response with physical, mental & lifestyle management resources
  • Train and equip peer support teams