SCOPE Assessments

SCOPE Assessments

Gain Powerful and Actionable Insights About Executive-Level Candidates

Successful high-level leadership placement decisions command insightful analysis and strategic judgment.  Customized to your needs, SCOPE Assessments utilize an exceptional range and quality of data that is carefully integrated and weighed in the development of feedback, insights, and recommendations. 

People in critical roles will face the challenges that determine the future success or failure of their organizations.  With so much at stake, SCOPE Assessments offer enterprise-level risk mitigation, advantage, and value.

SCOPE Assessments provide independent, impartial, and objective analysis of essential leadership factors, success drivers, and future failure risks.

Traditional assessments often fail to detect latent indicators of risk vs. return potential.  Greater advantage is achieved when underlying leadership risk factors and success predictors are identified, assessed, and weighed prior to manifestation.

SCOPE Assessments are tailored for executive-level roles that involve complex demands, high-stakes decision-making, or impact on mission-critical objectives.

Two out of five CEOs fail within their first 18 months.

– Harvard Business Review