Learn What Leaders Are Saying About Cordico

Learn What Leaders Are Saying About Cordico

“Cordico is outstanding! These talented professionals have a superb understanding of both private industry and the human psyche which makes them uniquely qualified to support my clients. As a human resources professional, I am very selective about the companies and services I recommend. Cordico is an organization that I have no hesitation in referring to my clients and colleagues.”

Connie Milburn, Human Resources Professional, Silicon Valley

“Cordico is the leader in officer wellness. If you want the best, go with Cordico.”

Police Chief Neil H. Gang
Pinole Police Department
Author of the Asher Model 7-Point Approach to a Culture of Wellness

“The issue of mental wellness in public safety has been in a closet or ignored for far too many years. Cordico provides our organization with a service second to none. By providing complete anonymity, 24/7 access, the “Wellness Tool Kit” and self-assessment capabilities all from a personalized application right from a mobile phone, a large gap in the mental wellness issue has been addressed. In the short 2 years we have subscribed, we’ve used the service a number of times. Our staff are very grateful the City has given them this tool that can be used at ANY TIME by both the employee and their spouse.”

Fire Chief Greg Lewis
Dixon Fire Department

“This is the best thing to happen to our profession since the police car.”

Officer Mike Miller
Vacaville Police Department

“The Cordico app has been a game-changer for our fire department. This app puts a wealth of information and – most importantly – personal help at our firefighters’ fingertips to keep them mentally healthy. I have received numerous personal “thank-yous” from our firefighters since contracting with Cordico.”

Fire Chief Kris Concepcion
Vacaville Fire Department

“This is the best officer wellness solution in existence. Nothing else comes close.”

Police Chief John Carli
Vacaville Police Department
Law Enforcement Wellness Leader

“I could not be more pleased with the CordicoShield Wellness App. It is imperative that public safety leaders strive to protect officers, not just from a physical safety standpoint, but with a renewed focus on mental and emotional wellness. We have to do better. This is a fantastic step forward and will serve to connect officers instantly to the tools and resources they need.”

Police Chief Thomas Chaplin
Walnut Creek Police Department
Former Commissioner, California POST

“Dr. David Black and Cordico are at the forefront of officer wellness and are setting the standard. Their on demand, in your hand, 24/7 app that has tools, resources, assessments and competent providers that can all be accessed anonymously from wherever you are is improving wellness, reducing stress and isolation and saving lives. If you do one thing for your agency this year, get this app, it will show that employee wellness is a priority, you truly care and want to make the best tools and resources accessible 24/7.”

Kimberly A. Miller, Ph.D.
Chair, National Sheriffs’ Association, Psychological Services Committee
Police Psychologist, Consultant, Coach & Trainer
Kimberly A. Miller, & Associates, LLC

“The Cordico team was easy to work with. They provided exceptional customer service and went out of their way to make the development process smooth and fast. The finished product far exceeded my expectations and those of my command staff. We couldn’t be more pleased. I whole-heartedly endorse the Cordico wellness app as a critical source for emergency responders to be able to deal with the stresses of their demanding jobs. We need our emergency responders to be at their peak performance levels, and the Cordico wellness app gives them the tools and resources to do just that.”

Captain Eric Dayley, MA
District Commander
Idaho State Police District Five

“The Cordico App is a powerful tool that provides easy access to all of our officer wellness resources in one place confidentially 24/7.”

Sheriff Kenneth McGovern
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“I’m very impressed with what Cordico is doing to support our first responders. Take a look at what Cordico is offering for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, and dispatchers. I think you too will be impressed.”

Gordon Graham
Lexipol Founder

“Assuring firefighters and other responders are emotionally prepared to take care of the public, when the public is having the worst day of their lives, is what keeps fire chiefs up at night – this unique and very affordable solution from Cordico benefits the firefighters, the responders, the public, and the community’s leadership. It’s truly a win-win.”

Chief Billy Goldfeder
Firefighter Safety, Health & Survival Subject Matter Expert
Former Chair of the IAFC’s Safety, Health & Survival Section

“Dr. David Black and Cordico have been providing and merging cutting edge technology and behavioral health services for first responders in the 21st century. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Dr. Black and the behavioral services, support staff, acumen, and compassion that Cordico provides to our first responders. I thank Cordico, Dr. Black, and staff for their commitment in assisting our first responders concerning the diligent work and services they provide each and every day.”

SIMCIP Group Forensic-Psychological Consultants, LLC.
Robert J. Cipriano Jr., Psy.D., ABPP
Licensed Psychologist in Florida & NC
Educational Chair for the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA)
Psychological Services Committee

“I was looking for a way to inform our officers about the numerous resources that are available to support their emotional health and well-being. I also wanted to provide them with a roadmap to those resources. The Cordico wellness app is a confidential tool that hosts all of their wellness resources in one location which allows our officers to have 24/7 access in the palm of their hands.”

Lynnette Hall-Lewis, Esq. CWPC
City of Memphis Health Engagement Manager

“When you deploy this unique solution to all of your personnel and their significant others, think of the message that sends. It’s very powerful. Consider what it means when we give this tool to our new hires, when we show it to them during the recruiting process, it’s making a difference. This is ultimately about changing the culture, and the app is a major part of that process. This is a game-changer and there’s nothing else like it.”

Police Chief John Carli
Vacaville Police Department
Law Enforcement Wellness Leader

“We must have a call to action, a paradigm switch – where innovative, action-focused leaders take a stand to focus on solutions. Dr. David Black and Cordico are doing just that – targeting solutions, impacting lives, and changing outcomes with laser focus. This Wellness App will save lives.”

Police Chief Neil H. Gang
Pinole Police Department
Author of the Asher Model 7-Point Approach to a Culture of Wellness

“The GuardianNET phone app enables our first responders to access a Chaplain 24/7. The app takes away the guesswork of identifying and contacting the “On-Call” Chaplain. No more delays identifying “who is available or what’s their number.” First responders, on duty or off, can now contact our Chaplains directly for assistance. Yet another benefit of having the GuardianNET phone app always within arm’s reach.”

Paul Taylor
1st Responder Assistance Coordinator
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“The wellness app is a resource that works day or night for public safety professionals. The amount of information contained in the app help our Peer Support members deliver a higher level of service to our department members.”

Sgt. Brian Schopf
Peer Support Team Leader

“The Cordico program is a critical element to our employee wellness program. The app makes the integration of emotional wellness a seamless and integral part of our culture, and makes services easily accessible while at the same time making wellness a core and accepted topic for our officers and staff.”

Police Chief Robert Thompson
Dixon Police Department

“I worry constantly about the safety and well-being of the officers, dispatchers, and professional staff who serve and protect others. Our law enforcement first responders are regularly exposed to a toxic soup of stress, trauma and tragedy. We recognize their families serve too and also need our support. EPD is fully committed to taking care of our people. Officer safety should be holistic. It isn’t just about body armor, weapons and tactics, but also about overall well-being including resiliency, physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial and emotional wellness. This mobile app will provide our members with continuous private and confidential access to mental health and wellness help and support”

Police Steve Chief Watson
Eureka Police Department

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