Cordico in the News

Cordico in the News

City of Casper to offer new mental health services to all employees, Casper Mountain Ski Patrol volunteers

8/12/22 |  Oil City News, Casper, WY

Casper City Council authorized an agreement with Lexipol for the city to access and utilize the Cordico wellness app. Services will be available to all employees, who will remain anonymous should they choose to utilize them.

Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office Provides Wellness App to Employees

8/8/22 |  NBC-KNDO-KNDU, Umatilla, OR

“Making the health and well-being of our personnel and their families a top priority, in turn assures we are better prepared and equipped to provide the best service to the community as a whole,” said Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan.

DSP takes creative approach to tackling mental health needs for officers

3/22/22 |  ABC 47 WMDT, Salisbury, MD

The Delaware State Police are using the Cordico wellness solution to give officers more resources to protect and serve to the best of their abilities, an effort that the National Alliance on Mental Illness calls “forward-thinking.”

New app can benefit police personnel and the public 

3/18/22 |  Fox 40 WICZ, Vestal, New York

Vestal Police partnered with Cordico to launch a customized, confidential wellness app to address mental health challenges. The app will be available to police personnel, their families, and the public.

Officer safety and wellness: Smartphones can play a key role

3/18/22 |  International Public Safety Association

Law enforcement leaders are increasingly realizing the need to equip and train their personnel to emotionally cope with the challenges of a job that society continues to redefine. Smartphones are a powerful tool in offices safety and wellness, and Cordico plays a leading role.

New Rochester Police Department Initiative Aims to Address Officer Wellness

2/8/22 |  WHAM ABC-13, Rochester, NY

Rochester Police Department announces its new wellness and resiliency unit, intended to help police address their overall well-being. A key part of the approach: Officers can use the Cordico app to take assessments, and then message the wellness team to access different services, including therapists.

MDOC Partnering with Cordico to Provide Wellness App

12/12/21  |  UP Matters, Michigan

The Michigan Department of Corrections will provide a wellness app to employees, their family members and retirees to address mental health. The MDOC says they will use the technology to help personnel build resilience and avoid negative long-term effects of job-related stress.

Stress Relief: How Personnel Management Makes Police Life Easier

12/1/21  |  Police Chief Magazine, International Association of Chiefs of Police

Effectively connecting agency personnel with the mental health services they need, when needed and in a discreet manner, has always been a major challenge for police chiefs and their departments. Cordico was designed specifically for police and other high-stress professions to do just that.

City contracts for app to provide help to first responders 

9/30/21  |  Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA

Providing police officers and other first responders with the means to take better care of their mental and emotional states can only enhance both their wellbeing and, by extension, the public’s.

Pittsburgh’s first responders can get help using new wellness app

9/9/21  |  Trib Live, Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh partnered with Cordico to develop an app for the city’s fire and police personnel. The app will help those who respond to similar traumatic events assess their wellness, determine if they need help and direct them how to get that assistance.

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office launches app to help personnel combat mental health challenges

6/1/21  |  KWCH TV Wichita, KS

The sheriff’s office announced their partnership with Cordico to benefit personnel, their families and retirees

Pullman (WA) Police Department launches app focused on officers’ mental health and wellness

4/1/21  |  KLEW TV Lewiston, ID

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins explains how and why his agency worked with Cordico to provide wellness resources to their officers.

City Council OKs Digital Wellness App to Help Police Officers and Their Families Through Job’s Stresses

1/21/21  |  Wild Rivers Outpost

Police Chief Richard Griffin dropped the bravado he said is expected of law enforcement when he asked City Councilors for a tool that would help, not only his officers, but their families.

100 Club SA brings mental well-being options to first responders in San Antonio area

1/5/21  |  San Antonio Express-News

First responders across Bexar County will have an app they can turn to anonymously to find the mental and physical health resources they need.

Mobile Officer Wellness Technology

June 2020  |  Police Chief Magazine (see page 62-63)

Officer wellness is a top priority for the policing profession as a whole. Cordico, Inc., based in Gold River, California, uses personalized solutions in mobile technology to help enhance officer wellness.

San Francisco Mayor Announces Expanded Mental Health Resources for First Responders

4/8/20  |  San Francisco Office of the Mayor

The City and County of San Francisco is partnering with Cordico to provide a customizable wellness application for use by all city first responders. The app will connect employees to newly expanded city mental health resources and existing resources within each department.

Maui Police Launch Mobile App to Help Manage Stress

12/21/19  |  Associated Press

The Maui Police Department is the first in the state to try out the technology that offers information on mental health issues and contains contacts for mental health providers, such as psychologists and licensed clinical social workers.

An Occupational Risk: What Every Police Agency Should Do to Prevent Suicide Among Its Officers

October 2019  |  Police Executive Research Forum – Critical Issues in Policing Series (see page 49)

In addition to online tools, mobile apps are another way to improve access to mental health support and resources. Cordico offers wellness apps for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

Eureka Police Department Launches Officer Wellness App

10/3/19  |  KRCR ABC 7 Eureka, CA

“Officer safety should be holistic. It isn’t just about body armor, weapons, and tactics but also about overall well-being including resiliency, physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, and emotional wellness. This mobile app will provide our members with continuous private and confidential access to mental health and wellness help and support.”

Cordico Apps Target Stress and Trauma in the Fire Service

9/4/19  |

CordicoFire gives firefighters powerful, on-demand tools targeting critical incidents, depression, insomnia, marital problems, trauma, suicide risk, and much more.

One Bay Area police chief taking proactive approach to stopping officer suicides

7/26/19  |  KRON 4 San Francisco, CA

Learn how Cordico has helped Chief Neil Gang implement a leading officer wellness program within his police department.

California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) and Cordico Are Proud to Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Firefighters’ Mental Health and Well-Being

7/21/19  |  California State Firefighters’ Association

Cordico will provide CSFA with training on firefighter stress, behavioral health and psychological survival as well as opportunities and educational resources.

Chief: We’re working on stopping our officers from taking their own lives

7/18/19  |  Law Enforcement Today

“We must have a call to action, a paradigm switch; where innovative, action-focused, problem solvers take a stand to focus on solutions and not just address, or raise awareness, to the problem. We need partners who are willing to make a concerted effort in creating a culture of wellness within our organizations.”

Douglas County Sheriff creates way to look out for first responders long after he retires

7/9/19  |  WIBW Channel 13 Topeka, KS

Learn how Sheriff Kenneth McGovern provides the Cordico wellness apps for all law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders in Douglas County, KS.

A 7-point approach to developing a culture of wellness in law enforcement

6/27/19  |  Police1

Chief Neil Gang explains his agency’s 7-point approach to officer wellness and how the CordicoShielf app is an integral part.

Close Calls: The Emotional Close Calls

6/1/19  |  Firehouse Magazine

“As I dug into Cordico, I learned that the technology allows for both anonymous and confidential access. It is a completely confidential app—no one knows that your personnel are using the app or what they are doing with it. That’s a big deal for today’s firefighters, fire officers, and all of us.”

Police Department Makes Stress Management, Mental Health App Available to Officers

4/30/19  |  SFGate

Pinole Police Chief Neil Gang has announced plans to provide the Cordico Wellness App, which provides mental health resources via smartphone and can be used to find a therapist, available to his officers.

Officer Wellness in the New Era of Policing

Spring 2019  |  California Police Chief Magazine

Chief John Carli explains how he is using the CordicoShield app to strengthen the wellness culture of his agency.

Officer Wellness Goes High-Tech: Cordico Apps Target Stress and Trauma in Law Enforcement

2/20/19  |  Daily Herald

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are looking for a strategic solution to strengthen officer wellness. Chief John Carli of the Vacaville Police Department recently launched a customized wellness app within his agency, which led to him receiving two nominations for the Best of California Awards.