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Featured in the PERF Critical Issues in Policing Series: An Occupational Risk: What Every Police Agency Should Do To Prevent Suicide Among Its Officers

[Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)]  

The law enforcement app, called CordicoShield, gives officers access to a wide range of wellness programs and services on their phone or other mobile device. For example, the “Wellness Toolkit” on the app includes information about family support, financial fitness, healthy habits, psychological first aid, marriage guidance, and other topics. The app also includes a variety of self-scoring assessment tools, allowing officers to quickly obtain feedback about their wellness. (PERF, Critical Issues in Policing Series, An Occupational Risk: What Every Police Agency Should Do to Prevent Suicide Among Its Officers, page 49).

Featured in IACP Police Chief Magazine, June 2020: Mobile Officer Wellness Technology

[Police Chief Magazine]  

Officer wellness is a top priority for the policing profession as a whole. CORDICO INC., based in Gold River, California, uses personalized solutions in mobile technology to help enhance officer wellness. Cordico designs apps for officers and families for in-hand, on-demand tools and resources, and the apps are customized for each agency with programs and tools like peer support groups, physical fitness options, chaplains, local resources, and more.“We take great pride in engineering every app because the heroes we serve deserve nothing less than the absolute best,” said Rich Foreman, Cordico’s chief technology officer. “Designing each app is a very large amount of work, and our team is honored because we know that our apps are what officers turn to in their times of greatest need.”

Maui Police Chief Introduces Wellness App to Address Emotional Health of Employees 

[US News & World Report]    [Maui Now]   [AP]   [Washington Times]   [IACP The Lead]

Maui Police Chief Tivoli Faaumu today announced the introduction of a new wellness app for all police employees and their families. The Cordico Wellness App is being offered in a proactive effort to address the emotional health and wellbeing of employees. “Police work is stressful and unpredictable, and the burden of dealing with tragedy often remains unspoken and follows our employees into their personal lives. Studies show more officers die by taking their own lives each year than all on duty deaths combined,” Department officials said in a press release today.

Featured in Police Chief Magazine, Officer Wellness & Resiliency, May 2019

[Police Chief Magazine]  

Cordico Wellness Apps are confidential, available 24/7, easy to use, and customized for law enforcement agencies of every size. The apps provide law enforcement with powerful wellness resources, self-assessments, peer support, instructional videos, geo-mapping of vetted providers, one-touch calling, and on-demand tools targeting critical incidents, depression, insomnia, marital problems, trauma, suicide risk, and much more. “This is a great win,” said Police Chief John Carli. “It combines the best national wellness resources with the best local resources and peer support, and puts these tools directly in the hands of officers. This is a game-changer and there’s nothing else like it.”

Featured in California Police Chief Magazine, Spring 2019

[California Police Chief Magazine]

The wellness toolkit is interactive and practical, incorporating the best tools and resources available to help officers emotionally survive their careers. Instant self-assessment tests are one of the most engaging features of the Cordico Law Enforcement Wellness App. Officers are able to complete a variety of self-scoring tests within less than five minutes in the App, and are then provided immediate feedback and guidance based upon their results. The vision has been to make the best quality tools and resources instantly accessible to officers in crisis. Thus the interface is designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate, while providing access to trusted content that has been selected and reviewed by law enforcement professionals, researchers, and police psychologists.

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“When you deploy this app to all of your personnel and their spouses, think of the message that sends. It’s very powerful. Consider what it means when we give this tool to our new hires, when we show it to them during the recruiting process, it’s making a difference. This is ultimately about changing the culture, and the app is a major part of that process.”

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson has announced plans to provide his police officers with the leading high-tech officer wellness solution to support their mental health and well-being


“I worry constantly about the safety and well-being of the officers, dispatchers, and professional staff who serve and protect others,” said EPD Chief Steve Watson. “Our law enforcement first responders are regularly exposed to a toxic soup of stress, trauma, and tragedy. We recognize their families serve too and also need our support. EPD is fully committed to taking care of our people. Officer safety should be holistic. It isn’t just about body armor, weapons, and tactics but also about overall well-being including resiliency, physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, and emotional wellness. This mobile app will provide our members with continuous private and confidential access to mental health and wellness help and support.”

Featured in Calibre Press: The Human Behind the Badge by Chief Jennifer Tejada

This article is excerpted from the Cordico Law Enforcement Wellness App, which also provides audio content from Chief Tejada to help law enforcement develop a strong mindfulness practice.

Featured in the Lexipol Webinar: Failing Our Own: 4 Ways Law Enforcement Agencies Sell Officers Short

Cordico is featured and recommended by Gordon Graham at approximately 19-20 minutes, and again at 62-68 minutes during the webinar. 

Police Department Makes Stress Management, Mental Health App Available to Officers

[CBS]   [NBC]

“First responders face enormous stressors, pressures, and demands over the course of their careers,” department officials said in a statement issued Tuesday. “Our community relies on them to repeatedly respond to traumatic events that impact their mental health.”

Douglas County Sheriff Creates Way to Look Out for First Responders Long After He Retires


This video and article describes how Sheriff Kenneth McGovern provides the GuardianNET Cordico wellness apps for all law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders in Douglas County, Kansas. The Cordico Apps provide in-hand, on-demand access to an enormous range of wellness tools, self-assessments, therapists, chaplains, and peer support while also organizing and simplifying access to multiple EAPs. 

One Bay Area Police Chief Taking Proactive Approach to Stopping Officer Suicides


Learn how Cordico has helped Chief Neil Gang implement a leading officer wellness program within his police department.

Featured in PoliceOne and CorrectionsOne: A 7-Point Approach to Developing a Culture of Wellness in Law Enforcement

[PoliceOne]   [CorrectionsOne]

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Symposium on Law Enforcement Suicide, hosted by the NYPD, drew hundreds of attendees from around the world. “Finally, conversations are being brought out from the shadows and into the open. There were many key takeaways from the symposium; the most impactful for me is the need to have a multifaceted approach where innovative, action-focused problem solvers start to focus on solutions to the problem.”

Featured in Law Enforcement Today: Chief: We’re Working on Stopping Our Officers from Taking Their Own Lives

[Law Enforcement Today]

“We must have a call to action, a paradigm switch; where innovative, action-focused, problem solvers take a stand to focus on solutions and not just address, or raise awareness, to the problem. We need partners who are willing to make a concerted effort in creating a culture of wellness within our organizations.”

California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) and Cordico are Proud to Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Firefighters’ Mental Health and Well-Being


California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) and Cordico are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership in support of CSFA members and firefighters’ mental health and well-being. 

Close Calls: The Emotional Close Calls by Chief Billy Goldfeder

[Firehouse Magazine]

“As I dug into Cordico, I learned that the technology allows for both anonymous and confidential access. It is a completely confidential app—no one knows that your personnel are using the app or what they are doing with it. That’s a big deal for today’s firefighters, fire officers, and all of us. The app also provides you, your officers and especially your members professionally developed tools to allow them to privately and immediately identify potential problems and suggest local solutions.”

Firefighter Behavioral Health: Cordico at the IAFC’s FRI (Fire-Rescue International) Annual Conference in Atlanta


Learn about Billy Goldfeder’s recent article featuring Cordico and his recommendation for IAFC FRI attendees.  

Firefighter Wellness Goes High-Tech: Cordico Apps Target Stress and Truama in the Fire Service

[]   [ABC]   [FOX]   [NBC]   [Marketwatch]

CordicoFire Wellness Apps provide confidential, in-hand, on-demand access to the best wellness support available for firefighters.

Dr. Black is a Board Member of the National Sheriffs’ Association Psychological Services Group, serves as the Chair of Technology and Social Media, is an Advisory Board Member for the National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, and served on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Model Policy Working Group for Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings and Other Serious Incidents.

The City and County of San Francisco is partnering with Cordico… to provide a customizable wellness application for use by all City first responders. The application will connect employees to newly expanded City mental health resources and existing resources within each department. These expanded resources, coordinated through the San Francisco Health Service System, will include additional employee counseling services and 24/7 mental health care for all City employees.