IACP: National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide Toolkit

The National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide Toolkit is designed to support agencies and departments to address officer mental health and wellness concerns. This suicide prevention toolkit has all the information that agencies need to develop and implement a customized agency approach to prevent officer suicide and strengthen officer mental health.

Comprehensive Framework for Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide

  • Suicide prevention efforts within law enforcement are more likely to succeed when they combine multiple strategies that work together. This comprehensive framework is designed for use by law enforcement executives, command staff, mental health and wellness professionals, peer support staff, and others responsible for the health and well-being of officers to work towards a holistic strategy to prevent officer suicide.

Peer Support as a Powerful Tool in Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention

  • Peer support serves as a powerful resource for police in addressing stress management, mental health concerns, suicide prevention, and overall officer safety and wellness. This resource outlines how peer support can best integrate suicide prevention strategies to support fellow officers, and considerations for peers to consider for their own wellness.

After a Suicide in Blue: A Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies

  • A comprehensive postvention response assists in addressing the complex factors after a member of law enforcement dies by suicide. Providing effective and compassionate support, promoting healing, and reducing the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior for those impacted. This resource provides guidance for police agencies in responding to the suicide death of an officer, with considerations for several key areas.

Messaging about Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement 

  • Words matter and talking about suicide can be difficult. The way a police agency talks about suicide can have a significant impact on suicide prevention. This resource helps encourage conversation, promote resiliency, boost help-seeking, and encourage other behaviors that will help prevent suicide.

National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide: Final Report

  • This report outlines recommendations developed by the National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide. To assist the law enforcement profession with improving access, quality, and acceptance of mental health resources and to advance suicide prevention efforts and support a culture of safety and wellness.

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