Cordico Sleep Test (CST)

Description: The Cordico® Sleep Test (CST) is a brief, criterion-referenced self-assessment for measuring sleep quality and sleep difficulties.

Self-Administration: 5 Minutes

Age Range: 18 Years and Older

Scoring: Automatic and Instantaneous

Feedback: Automatic and Instantaneous

Telepractice Compatible: Yes

Free in Cordico Wellness Apps: Yes

Cordico® Sleep Test (CST) Benefits:

  • Test for self-reported symptoms of sleep quality and sleep problems.
  • Provide rapid, empirically-based educational feedback and guidance.
  • Identify problematic sleep issues early with a focus on prevention.
  • Encourage a proactive approach to healthy sleep.

Cordico® Sleep Test (CST) Details:

The Cordico® Sleep Test (CST) encompasses 18 self-report items to test for the severity of insomnia, the quality of sleep hygiene, and the possible presence of sleep apnea. The CST is the product of more than a year of research and development, normative population testing, statistical analyses, and psychometric validation.

  • The CST is a proprietary instrument available for free use within the Cordico Wellness Apps.
  • Please complete the form below if you are interested in purchasing a license to use the CST, or if you would like to collaborate on future CST research being conducted in the private and academic sectors.

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