Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

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Pre-employment psychological evaluations are sometimes referred to as pre-employment psychological testing, pre-employment psychological screening evaluations, pre-employment psych screening, pre-employment psychological exams, or pre-employment psychological interviews. Pre-employment psychological evaluations involve a structured process that includes background information, pre-employment psychological testing, psychological interviews, review of records, data integration, and pre-employment psychological reports. Pre-employment psychological evaluations include firefighter psychological evaluations (sometimes referred to as firefighter psychological tests), law enforcement psychological evaluations, peace officer psychological evaluations, police officer psychological evaluations (sometimes referred to as police officer psychological tests), sheriff deputy psychological evaluations, probation officer psychological evaluations, correctional officer psychological evaluations, and 911 dispatcher psychological evaluations. In the State of California, peace officer pre-employment psychological evaluations are sometimes referred to as California POST psychological evaluations or California POST psychologist evaluations.