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“I knew if I ever made chief, I would do something to try to prevent these tragedies.”

Chief Neil Gang,
Pinole (CA) Police Department

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Wellness That Works

Public safety personnel frequently face high-stress situations and unique workplace challenges that can impact their mental health. With a demanding job where the well-being of the community rests on your team’s shoulders, it is vital to remember that taking care of their mental health is not just an option – it’s a necessity.

Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app is here to ensure your personnel are never alone in their wellness journey. Developed to support the unique challenges of first responders, Cordico offers confidential, on-demand access to a wide array of mental health resources. From peer support to expert advice, our comprehensive suite of tools is tailored to address the pressures your personnel face daily.

To learn more about how Cordico is making a difference in officers’ lives, read our case study to discover how our wellness solution helped the Pinole (CA) Police Department.

Self-Assessment Tools

Empower your personnel to gain insights into their mental health with confidential self-assessments that will help them understand what they need and when to see additional support.

Expert Resources

Provide access to a library of mental health resources, including articles and videos created by experts who specialize in first responder wellness.

24/7 Confidentiality

Ensure your department’s privacy needs are being met. Members can engage with the app’s features with confidence that their identity and information remain confidential, always.