High-Potential Talent

High-Potential Talent Programs

Start Accelerating High-Potential Leadership Within Your Organization Now

Misidentification of high-potential talent is a frequent, expensive, and unnecessary waste of time, money, and competitive advantage. Accurate identification processes allow you to clearly visualize future potential, invest in focused development, and broaden your leadership pipeline.

Powerful assessment data stands at the center of the best high-potential programs, helping to reveal unlocked future potential. The best assessment technology empowers optimization of underlying strengths and opportunities for success.

You can improve retention simultaneously by properly identifying, assessing, and investing in your top talent. The key is to act now, because high potentials are more likely than other employees to leave for better opportunities.

Nearly half of internal moves made with high potentials end in failure. To accelerate your top talent with confidence, you must deeply understand their strengths and needs. We provide critical insights that empower more thoughtful, strategic, and successful placement decisions.

Supporting high-potential talent is about investing limited resources in the right people in the right way at the right time. If done well, supporting your high potentials could very well become the cornerstone of your organization’s future success.

One out of four employees identified as a high potential

plans to leave their employer within the next year.

– Harvard Business Review