Corporate Threat Assessment Services

Corporate Threat Assessment Services

Gain Professional Insights From Expert Risk Assessment Doctors

Workplace violence results annually in hundreds of deaths, millions of hours in lost productivity, and billions of dollars drained from the economy. Threat sources include current and former employees, associates, customers, and strangers.

The Cordico Threat Assessment Team leverages extensive experience interviewing violence-prone individuals, analyzing violent motives, identifying critical risk factors, and developing risk management strategies.

Our professionals have conducted thousands of violence risk assessments in addition to trainings on threat assessment, violence risk assessment, targeted violence, crime motive analysis, and violence risk management.

Our services include case consultations; threat assessments; risk management strategy development; and liaison with managerial, operational, and tactical personnel.

“Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.”


“Targeted violence is a highly individualized crime based upon highly individualized and unique motivators.”