Cordico Named Vetted and Approved Wellness Program for Law Enforcement by the Fraternal Order of Police


Cordico Team

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Division of Wellness Services announced their support of Cordico’s law enforcement wellness app, CordicoShield, as an FOP-vetted and approved product, making it among the very first wellness products approved by the FOP. Cordico is an offering by Lexipol, a leading provider of policy, training and wellness support that empowers first responders and government leaders to best serve the needs of their communities safely and responsibly.

Officer and first responder wellness has become an increasingly important consideration for agencies across the United States. The FOP recognizes the need to provide officers with resources to address PTSD, anxiety, depression, familial adversity, social stress and substance abuse — all of which can arise because of cumulative stress and trauma associated with the job. CordicoShield is a wellness solution designed to provide a host of critical resources to help law enforcement officers learn about the behavioral health issues they may be facing, build and maintain resilience, and connect with vetted therapists and peer support team members. All resources within the CordicoShield app are confidential and available for officers and their family members on their mobile phones 24 hours a day.

“We are extremely honored by this support from the FOP as we continue our work to reduce the stigma in law enforcement around seeking mental health help by providing these necessary wellness resources,” says Cordico founder and president, Dr. David Black. “The FOP’s focus on wellness is critical and it is exciting to be a part of their work.”

The FOP Division of Wellness Services focuses on multiple aspects of officer health and wellness, including training, research, legislation and policy, and developing connections with partner organizations. The process for vetting CordicoShield for approval included a thorough review by the division, including security, confidentiality, content, user experience and the quality and quantity of information offered for FOP members.

“Cordico and the FOP share the goal of improving the mental, physical and emotional health of members of the FOP and all law enforcement professionals,” says Sherri Martin, the FOP’s Director of Wellness Services. “The CordicoShield app provides 24/7, confidential access to self-assessments, guidance on behavioral health issues and videos from subject matter experts on everything from emotional survival to physical fitness.”

Learn more about Lexipol, the CordicoShield Wellness App and the FOP Wellness Division.