Cordico Announces Partnership with IPSDI

Cordico is proud to announce a partnership with IPSDI, the leading research, development, and training organization focused on using data science to provide analytical tools and information to the public safety sector.

The IPSDI will assist Cordico’s efforts by sharing research, articles, and blogs related to firefighter behavioral health and traumatic event exposure tracking. IPSDI will also provide free access to the National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS) Exposure Tracker for firefighters who want to track their behavioral health exposures in a secure encrypted individual “Available Now” network for Cordico’s customers desiring the service. The IPSDI will also be listed as a resource in Cordico’s “Additional Resources Section” of their wellness app.


The IPSDI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed by a collaboration of fire service, research, policy, and academic organizations. The IPSDI mission is to enhance public safety resource deployment and operations by using data analytics to provide actionable life-saving insights. The expert team at the IPSDI includes fire service leaders, researchers, developers and data scientists who have combined more than 200 years’ experience in their fields. IPSDI data tools include FireCARES and NFORS Analytics and the NFORS Exposure Tracker.

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