LIFE SCAN WELLNESS CENTERS & CORDICO Proud to Announce Strategic Partnership to Support First Responders Mental Health and Well-Being

Cordico is very pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Life Scan Wellness Centers, the Nation’s largest provider comprehensively integrated early detection physicals to America’s first responders. This partnership will provide the public safety community with shared information and resources aimed at enhancing overall health, wellness and safety of our Nations first responders.

“We at Life Scan Wellness Centers are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Cordico, the industry leader in first responder wellness apps, aligning with our over two decade record of leading the way on public safety early detection exams” said CEO and Co-Founder Patricia Johnson.

Cordico is used by fire, police, and other public safety departments nationwide as a proprietary wellness resource app that provides instant access to features including “Resilience Development” training, anonymous self-assessments, trauma support, suicide prevention, accessing chaplains, peer support groups, locating vetted therapists, and much more.

Life Scan Wellness Centers will be a featured resource in the  Cordico apps, so that first responders can learn about Life Scan Wellness Centers and their comprehensive approach to early detection of public safety occupational risks such as cardiac and cancer with the single touch of a button.

About Life Scan Wellness Centers

 Life Scan Wellness Centers mission is to save the lives of first responders through comprehensively integrated early detection annual physicals specific to public safety professionals. Life Scan Wellness Centers sees 40,000 public safety providers annually through the United States with on-site services by health care professions exclusively dedicated to the health, wellness and survival of first responders.

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 About Cordico

Serving hundreds of organizations, Cordico helps identify people for critical roles, accelerate leadership, and strengthen workforce engagement, safety, and wellness. Our trusted wellness solutions provide confidential, in-hand, on-demand 24/7 access to the best available wellness support for people working in the most demanding and high-stress professions.

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