Cordico Announces Expanded Teletherapy Resources

Cordico is pleased to announce expanded teletherapy resources and greater options for first responders to utilize highly experienced, culturally competent therapists. “Teletherapy is a critical support resource for first responders, now more than ever,” said Police Chief John Carli. “When you consider the unprecedented challenges we are facing as a nation coupled with an increased need for vetted, highly skilled and culturally competent therapists, the services Cordico provides will benefit countless high-stress professions today and in the years ahead.”

“Our clients work in the most demanding, high-stress, and important jobs,” said Cordico CEO Dr. David Black. “Ensuring they have access to high-quality therapists is vital, now more than ever.”

Teletherapy is a well-established treatment option. The Veterans Affairs (VA) system routinely provides telehealth services for military veterans, including medical appointments with physicians, as well as psychotherapy appointments with psychologists and other therapists. In addition, the American Psychological Association (APA) recognized the important role that teletherapy would play in service delivery, and published the APA Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology in 2013.

Researchers have found that teletherapy is essentially as effective as in-person delivery for a variety of different psychological problems. Additional advantages of teletherapy include time savings, convenience, privacy, and accessibility.

“This is about providing more flexible resources for our clients,” said Dr. Black. “Our goal at Cordico is to always provide the highest quality resources for our clients, and ensuring access to the most highly skilled therapists is a key part of our mission.”

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