Kids Sheltered in Place and Stir Crazy? Send them on Virtual Field Trips.

Compiled by

Dr. Kimberly Miller

President NSA Psychological Services Board

Kids going stir crazy and you want them to do something more than watch Disney Plus and play video games?  Send them on a virtual field trip.  Here are a list of places they can go compiled by Dr. Kimberly Miller.

Explore the Great Wall Of China

Discover The Pyramids

Explore Yellowstone National Park

Explore Bryce Canyon, Dry Tortugas, Hawaii Volcanos, Kenai Fjords, and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks

Explore the Louvre Museum in Paris

Explore 10 Museums From Around The World

Polar Bears On The Tundra

Monterey Bay Aquarium

San Diego Zoo

The Nature Conservancy offers 11 virtual field trips that allow students to do everything from exploring a coastal rainforest while in a canoe to unlocking the secrets of coral reefs in the Dominican Republic. Each video is about 45 minutes long.


Ellis Island

Explore the world’s largest cave in Vietnam


Arizona State University provides 18 virtual trips with photos, explanations, short videos and maps. While the trips can be viewed on a computer, they really come to life through a virtual reality headset that allows for 360-degree viewing.

Glacier National Park overview, amazing pictures, information on hiking trails, etc.

Redwoods National Park – 4K Documentary

Zion National Park 4K Documentary

Hoh Rain Forest Nature Video

Maui Hawaii

Kauai Hawaii

Orbit a journey around the earth in real time

Death Valley CA 4K Nature Documentary

Mt. Rainer National Park

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