Capital Edge and Cordico Enter Strategic Partnership to Assist Public Safety Throughout California

Roseville, CALIF. (November 1, 2019) – Capital Edge and Cordico are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership in strong support of first responder wellness. Financial security is a primary source of stress for many first responders, who suffer from high rates of trauma, depression, and risk for suicide. Capital Edge and Cordico pledge to help first responders navigate these stressors and demands, and anticipate many practical benefits for first responders through this innovative strategic partnership.

Capital Edge and Cordico share a passion for taking care of those who serve and a mission to protect our first responders and their families. First responders often do not speak about how stress impacts their lives, so having the highest quality support tools and resources at their fingertips can make an extraordinary difference. Through this strategic partnership, first responders will be able to seek out the guidance they need to feel financially secure in a confidential, private manner with a company that always puts the clients priorities first. Capital Edge and Cordico strongly support the mission of positively impacting the lives of those who serve.

About Capital Edge:

Capital Edge is a financial services firm that focuses on family protection and retirement planning for public safety professionals. As spouses of law enforcement officers, we have a deeper understanding of your job, which drives our passion and devotion to providing invaluable guidance throughout your career. Capital Edge uses a built to suit financial strategy approach to generate recommendations to clients to ensure they meet their personal financial needs.

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About Cordico:

Cordico is the world leader in wellness technology for first responders. CordicoShield and CordicoFire Wellness Apps are confidential, available 24/7, easy to use, proactive wellness solutions customized for law enforcement agencies of every type and size. Cordico provides first responders with powerful handheld wellness resources, anonymous self-assessments, access to peer support, instructional videos, geo-mapping of vetted therapists, one-touch calling, and on-demand tools targeting critical incidents, depression, family support, marital problems, sleep optimization, trauma, suicide risk, and much more.

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