The Carson J Spencer Foundation, in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and the American Association of Suicidology, launched a video resource entitled Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement, making a clear call to action to Police Chiefs around the world to make suicide prevention a health and safety priority. The video was produced by the Carson J Spencer Foundation, a Denver-based nonprofit leading innovation in suicide prevention, and was supported financially by the Kenosha Police Department. Additional support was provided by the Denver Police Department and police psychologists from Nicoletti-Flater Associates. The video features real police officers, many from Kenosha and Denver police departments, who describe their struggles in coping with challenges of law enforcement and their own experiences with suicide.


Resources cited in this film:

Code 9 Documentary

Serve & Protect helps connect public safety professionals with trauma services.

Badge of Life’s focus is educating and training agencies on mental health and suicide prevention in law enforcement.

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CopLine is a 24/7 service that will connect you to a peer support counselor.

In Harm’s Way: Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention

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In Harm’s Way: Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention

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